Nudity & Porn Category Detection

Upload a picture and Artificial Intelligence will detect if it's porn and which category or contains nudity.

The nudity test detected nudity in this picture and it was censored!

About Technology

Face Recognition API & Technology uses the Face Recognition & Nudity Detecion API developed by , which relies on facial recognition algorithms and deep learning to detect if an image contains nudity. The internet is all you may want it to be. It can be a cash cow if you understand online business trends or a world of sensual pleasure beyond imagination. This is because the web is awash with x-rated, for your eyes only, content. Until the advent of Face Recognition & Nudity Detection API by, keeping your online sexual expeditions private was a tricky affair. Many have found themselves clicking a previous porn link in the browser history instead of something totally different. With the PO orn Sort API app in your computer, such an occurrence can never come to pass.

Thousands of Gigabytes of information circle the internet every day, and nobody can predict its content. Theoretical there are no restrictions and everybody can upload whatever they want, without being automatically stopped. Considering that there are plenty of bad intended persons, this could be a really serious problem if you're running a website for kids or if you simply want to avoid seeing any NSFW content. This won't be a problem anymore, once you download our Nudity Detection by Artificial Intelligence app. If you continue reading, you will find some valuable information about this app and see that it can actually help you a lot.

How Does Nudity Detection By Artificial Intelligence Works?

The internet is full of nudity and there is no way to block it. Well, with our new NSFW detection software, you can do that, very simple. As figured, this app has the purpose of blocking any NSFW content from your web browses, making sure that you have a safe experience, while browsing the internet. Even though it functions in a simple way, Nudity Detection has many months of development behind it, and it was released only when it was perfect. The app is based on some very innovative algorithms, which will identify any nude picture, automatically blocking it from your browser. Its database features millions of representative images, and the app will be able to identify the NSFW photo, based on them. Because of the wide database, there is no room for error and you should never worry that you or your children will come across internet nudity.

I Own An Website. Can't I Just Remove The NSFW Content Myself?

Well, let's assume that you're running a kids friendly website. In theory, you have many possibilities to remove and block any bad intended persons, that post nude content on the website. We say in theory because none of those methods are 100% safe and you can never be sure that the problem is solved forever. Our NSFW detector doesn't aim to punish those who post inappropriate content, but to prevent it in the first place. You can never know who decides to troll your website and start uploading nudity content, just to have fun. That person will never be able to do it, if you have Nudity Detection installed.

Also, any internet user confronted at least once a day with the famous "Pop-Up Ads". Normally, they are harmless but sometimes, they contain adult services and of course, they come with nude pictures. What could be more shameful than sitting in a crowded place, browsing your phone, when suddenly a nude picture pops on your screen. With our professional nude filter, you will never have to worry about this ever again, and you can browse any kind of website, with no problem.


Nudity Detection API

Let Artificial Intelligence tell if an image contains nudity

Deep Learning: Why Is It So Effective?

The deep learning technology comes as an extension to the well known Artificial Int, and it's based on continuously improving the current software. Like we've mentioned before, our NSFW recognition software already has millions of distinct motifs, which are getting matched with any photo that appears on your website/web browser. The whole software is based on a scoring system, and the NSFW API automatically analyzes every single detail of the photo. If there are too many suspicious details and the score becomes too high, that certain picture will be automatically blocked. The app is built in such way, because we wouldn't want it to encounter any false positives and to remove even the safe photos.

Also, thanks to the deep learning technology, this nudity recognition API is constantly improving itself, reducing its margin of error every day. This way, the Neural Classification tool does more than identifying mature content, and it actually learns from its mistakes. Every time it comes across a NSFW photo, the app will include it in its database, and use it as reference for further situations.

Get Nudity Detection Today

NSFW content can ruin a website's reputation if not properly handled. Since it's impossible for us to manually remove and block every piece of mature content, Nudity Detection is the most reliable alternative that you have. The app can be integrated very simple in your website, and you will never have to worry about unsafe content on your page, ever again. Download it now and get ready to be covered for up to 5,000 free API calls, every month.

The nudity detection technique now comes in more superior versions. The new breeds can catergorize porn sites. This is essential if you’re searching for a specific porn genre during your adult entertainment moments. It follows that you can switch the app to block adult content or use its porn categorizer API to browse, find and watch your favorite kind of porn flicks which may include blowjob, handjob, cunnilingus, back to back sex or front tit-fuck. It further makes it easy achieve and catalog what you’ve watched from what you’re yet to feast your eyes on.

The ai porn cartegorizer is the application of choice for web developers who may be involved in the development and maintenance of porn sites. No porn clips or pictures qualify as hot to categorize porn for the app owing to its superior algorithms that ride on the next generation web-based artificial intelligence principles. All you need is to download the app, install it and then set the mode to catergorize porn sites or black them out when browsing the net with family, friends or colleagues who you may want to keep off the online adult entertainment loop – not because it’s a bad thing but because it may not be the right time of the day to indulge in porn.

How the porn categorizer api works

Integrating artificial intelligence with web-material sorting applications sound complex. The truth is that it is – explaining why the application took months to develop and roll out the application. The secret behind this app’s magical precision at nudity detection and porn categorization lies in its algorithms’ ability to crawl the web using data analytical tenets that point toward any form of nudity and sexual content.

This technology has been prevalent in the social media platforms where it’s used for face recognition purposes – making it possible to know more about a person in a social media dais when you hover the cursor over his or her face. The ai porn categorizer, and nudity detection software is, however, a marvel in the world of algorithm ingenuity as it also gives an idea of the top trending nudity and porn sites worth considering.

Pornographic content can build your sex life especially if you can categorize the sites with an aim of watching nothing but educative porn clips. This porn genre usually takes up riveting story-lines to deliver useful messages amid hot sex scenes that are designed to kick in your adrenaline and motivate your personal as well as social life in ways you never deemed possible.